Street Address
4141 NE 2nd Avenue Suite 105C
Miami, FL 33137
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4141 NE 2nd Avenue
Suite 105C
Miami, FL 33137
phone: 305-371-5988
fax: 305-432-3792
Tuesday - Friday10 AM - 5 PM
5 dollars for Students 7 dollars for adults
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Gift Shop
Serge Rodriguez, Director of Operations
phone: 305-371-5988


The Haitian Heritage Museum is proposed to be an approximately 60,000 sf structure that facilitates a diverse series of program functions. The first, and most prominent, will be the Museum component which will feature a variety of spaces that hosts fine Haitian visual arts exhibitions, and an area that accommodates the historic, and contemporary Haitian literary works. Second, a major section that will facilitate community participation is the Artist’s loft component where art students from local as well as international communities will reside and engage in a curriculum rich in Haitian Arts/ Culture. The structure will also feature a 200 seat theater where another dimension of Haiti’s rich artistic culture can be expressed through the medium of film. The third program component is the mixed use component of the structure. This area will host an array of sidewalk friendly shops, boutiques and restaurants that are congruent to the Haitian Heritage Museum theme. It is projected that the Museum, and mixed use phase will have a construction duration of approximately 2 years with an anticipated completion date by the year 2007.


The Haitian Heritage Museum is a not for profit organization that is committed to highlighting and preserving Haiti's rich culture and heritage locally, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to create a cultural mecca where individuals can come and enjoy beautiful Haitian art, historic artifacts, ethnic sounds of Haitian music, view films and enjoy a collection of Haitian literary works.


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